Black Dog Institute

At the Black Dog Institute, we’re working to save lives. We are a global leader in our field, and the only medical research institute in Australia to focus on mental health across every life stage. This makes us unique in our ability to fast track our learnings, as we listen to voices of those with lived experience to ensure we pioneer truly accessible products and services that make a real difference in the real world.
Generating evidence for everything we do, we are the founders of Australia’s first community-wide suicide prevention program (LifeSpan) and leaders in a community-led collaboration to develop iBobbly, the world’s first suicide prevention app for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. Connecting research with people keeps us right on the cutting edge of new ideas, evidence, technology and innovation, where the real breakthroughs are happening.
Our aim is to reduce the severity and incidence of mental illness, actively reduce suicide rates, innovate new models of care and create easily accessible solutions to empower everyone to look after their mental health. 
The combination of our expertise in evidence-based, data-driven solutions along with large-scale public health programming and implementation has put us at the forefront of e-health.